Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Safety First when Choosing an Agent!

News Story Makes Headlines (see link) in reference to the homeowner's saftey! In this day and age where safety is a big concern, guarding yourself, your belongings and your home should be a top priority when choosing a realtor. For my customers, I use state of the art technology with electronic lock boxes (ELB). The ELB has a tiny microprocessor inside. You need an electronic key to open it and the only way to get a key is to become a member of the local Multiple Listing Service. All of the keys have a unique identifier so when someone opens the box, the microprocessor inside “registers” the agent who opens it. Agents are forbidden to let another agent use their electronic key. Since the box is “reset” just before being placed on the door, any agent who opens the box can be identified – as well as the date and time they entered the house. That information can be downloaded at the local MLS Association. This works as a security measure for the homeowner. When selecting a realtor, ALWAYS choose someone who cares to go the extra mile to protect you and your belongings from potential theives, by using electronic lockboxes only. Safety First When Choosing An Agent!!

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