Thursday, March 12, 2009

If You Are Ready...

I'M EXCITED TO WORK FOR YOU!!! There are ways to make your home sparkle as you prepare it to be put on the market! With spring around the corner, spring cleaning is essential.

1. Time to De-Clutter
*If you don't need it, get rid of it by either donating it, having a yard sale or throw away
*Pack up those knickknacks. Sure collections are nice, but less is more
*Clean off everything from your kitchen counters

2. Make Minor Repairs
*Patch the holes in the wall
*Fix those leaky faucets
*Paint walls to be a neutral color
*Fix doors and drawers so they open and close properly

3. Make Your House Sparkle
*Wash your windows, both inside and out
*Clean away cobwebs
*Vacuum everyday
*Re-caulk your sinks and showers
*Freshen up bath towels & worn out rugs
*Freshen up the air. Odors are a BIG turn off

4. Call ME, Bob Hahn
*Welcome the opportunity to work for you
*Will market your home for MAXIMUM exposure
*Will help you to get top dollar for your home
*Will work to provide the best possible real estate experience

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